Last month I headed up to Kununurra and for the first time had the opportunity to take a tour of the Argyle Diamond Mine.

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Argyle diamond mine

MAY 6 2019

my trip to the argyle diamond mine

The world of diamonds and jewellery wasn't always my first choice but now I can't imagine doing anything else


AUGUST 20 2021

my journey with diamonds

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Choosing an engagement ring can be stressful enough but if you are also aiming for a surprise proposal, this can make things extra tricky. I have put together a few tips to make things a little easier while still trying to maintain an element of surprise. 



how to choose a surprise engagement ring 

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For centuries spinel, the great imposter, masqueraded as ruby in Europe’s crown jewels. It wasn’t until in 1783 that mineralist Jean Baptiste Louis Rome De Lisle identified Spinel as a different material to Ruby. This act is said to be the birth of the science of gemology. 


NOVEMBER 15 2021


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Australian Parti Sapphires are SO popular right now in Australia and throughout the world. Once again, as with our Argyle Pink Diamonds, Australia has managed to produce a unique and special gem. 


January 25 2022

Parti sapphire - the "it" gem of 2022

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