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I'M julie! Mum, Business Owner and avid West Coast Eagles Fan

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I also absolutely love sourcing stones and when new stock arrives I am like a kid in a candy store. Diamonds and Coloured Gems are all so unique and fabulous and I love seeing new things.

I like to think we are a little different to the average jewellery store. We do not sell mass produced designs and rarely have I made the exact piece more than once. We produce small batch quality jewellery, using stones ethically sourced from Australia and around the world and bespoke one off pieces made to your exact specifications and budget. 

pink diamonds

Pink Diamonds – the rarest and most beautiful of diamonds. To own a Pink Diamond from the Argyle Mine is to own a piece of Australian history. The mine closed at the end of 2020 making these exquisite diamonds a very rare commodity.

Australian Loose Diamond
Supplier and Jeweller

Welcome to Hope Diamonds, where you can access quality loose diamonds and jewellery at wholesale prices. We supply a variety of diamonds sourced around the world including Africa, Russia, and Argyle in Western Australia. Our extensive range includes white, black, blue, champagne, green, orange and argyle pink diamonds.

Browse through our collection of loose diamonds, engagement rings, bracelets and earrings for a piece you love. Alternatively, our experienced custom jewellers can create a diverse range of pieces, from pink diamond rings to yellow diamond bracelets. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you discover the ideal piece for you and create it.

The Australia Collection

This is my first, small batch jewellery collection, using exclusively Champagne and Cognac Diamonds from the now closed Argyle Diamond Mine. Using a combination of white, yellow and rose gold these are simple pieces purposely so, to let the diamonds themselves be the hero.

Every piece is unique due to its colour, shape and size and each was carefully considered. The pieces have been named after my oldest group of friends and the best bunch of Australians that I know. I hope you enjoy.

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