We offer a wide range of supreme quality, certified diamonds in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, cuts and styles. Whether you’re a collector, looking to purchase a diamond as an investment or want to find a special gift for someone, you can select from a comprehensive collection of premium quality, ethically sourced diamonds.

We specialise in rare and unique coloured diamonds. Based in Perth, we source our own rare Argyle pink diamonds as well as champagnes, blues and reds from the same mine. We also source Ellendale yellows and stunning orange and green diamonds from West Africa.

Diamonds are our passion 

Extraordinary Diamonds

All of our Pink Diamonds originated in the Argyle Diamond Mine in the Kimberly region in Western Australia. The Argyle Mine closed in November 2020 as it was becoming cost prohibitive to continue. This means that these exceptional diamonds have become even more rare. We have three options for our pink diamonds:

1. Argyle Mine Certified Diamonds – these are as it sounds, diamond certified directly by Argyle. This is the case for majority of our diamonds weighing 0.08 ct and over.

2. Argyle Diamonds with Lot Numbers and Diamonds of Australia Certificates - Argyle Pink Diamonds under 0.08 ct are sold in parcel lots and each parcel comes with an Argyle Lot Number. These are presented with a Diamonds of Australia Certificate issued here in Australia which has the Lot Number and all other parcel details.

3. Argyle Collectors Edition – these blister packs are sealed and come with international IGI certificates.

In all cases you can guarantee you are getting an authentic Argyle Pink Diamond. Our collection is not limited to those listed on the website so if you don’t find what you are looking for please contact us directly.

pink diamonds

The majority of our Champagne Diamonds are sourced from the Argyle Diamond Mine. All Argyle Champagne diamonds over 0.30 ct come with a Diamonds of Australia Certificate and many will also have a RIO Certificate of Origin. Champagne Diamonds have greatly increased in popularity in the last couple of years and with the amazing range of colours – there is something for everyone. Personally, my favourite changes each time we get a new shipment. 

Champagne Diamonds

Classic and timeless – the traditional white diamond is hard to beat for pure simplicity. All of our white diamonds over 0.30 cts come with a GIA Certificate which is industry standard. We do have a small selection of Round Brilliant Cut Argyle Origin White Diamonds but as the mine is now closed this is going to phase out over the next 6 -12 months. While we keep some white diamonds in stock our specialty is on sourcing quality white diamonds at an affordable price. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for get in touch so we can assist.

white Diamonds

We have long specialised in coloured diamonds and are proud of the collection we have built up which includes Yellow, Blue, Green and Orange Diamonds. Sourcing amazing diamond is what we love and we have string relationships with suppliers around the world that we have worked with over many years. If you are looking for something specific – let us know, we love a challenge.

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